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Why do you need paver sealer?

The use of a sealer for your pavers will provide for much easier cleaning and maintenance. Paver sealant will prevent substances such as oil or tree sap from penetrating the pavers, allowing for an improved appearance that will last for years to come. In addition, it will protect against fading and enhance the overall color and look of your paver patio or driveway.

Types of sealers for paver patios and driveways

You can choose an acrylic paver sealer or a water-base sealant. Both types of sealants offer the same long-term protection for your paver driveway or patio, but with a somewhat different appearance. An acrylic-base sealer provides a more glossy finish. The decision comes down to customer preference. Both types will work to enhance and protect your paver investment.

Type of finishes for patio and driveway pavers

Using a high-quality paver sealer allows for a variety of finishes, depending on what the customer's looking for. These include:

* High gloss

* Semigloss

* Zero gloss

Lifespan of paver sealants

The lifespan of your paver sealer will vary based on a number of factors, but is generally between one and four years. Some factors that affect the life of the sealer include:

* Sealer type- High gloss will wear more quickly than a comparable zero-gloss paver sealer.

* Climate- An increased exposure to water or sun can decrease the lifespan of paver sealant.

* Traffic- Excessive traffic can reduce the lifespan of the paver sealer.

* Maintenance- Proper maintenance of the area can increase the longevity of your paver sealer.

Protect your investment

If you have a paver patio or driveway, using a paver sealer can enhance and protect the appearance of your hardscape. Whether you have brick pavers, concrete or paver stones, there's a sealant that can make them look their best. Improve the value of your home today! Protect your Investment! Specialized in the application of Paver Sealer in Miami for over Ten years... Contact a Paver Sealing in Miami Pro Today! 

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